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Les Amis du Festival d'Automne à Paris

 Since 1992, in conjunction with the Festival d’Automne

The Les Amis du Festival d’Automne à Paris Association brings together the various patrons and individual donors, foundations and companies that accompany the Festival in its pursuit of new work and sense of openness both in France and internationally.

Every year, their generous support plays a decisive role in its contribution to the development of an ambitious, demanding artistic programme which attracts audiences far and wide.

The Friends of the Festival encourage and share in the Festival’s founding principles, whether it be the seeking out of new work, taking of risks, or providing assistance to artists in their efforts to forge links with wider audiences.

Every year, the patronage scheme, given over solely to the purpose of artistic activity and arts education projects, provides the necessary financial backing for initiatives that lie at the heart of Festival d’Automne à Paris’s international and multidisciplinary outlook.


Margherita Mantero
Festival d'Automne à Paris
156, rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris
Telephone : 01 53 45 17 05
Fax : 01 53 45 17 01
E-mail :

Association Board

Pierre Bergé (1930-2017), President
Jean-Claude Meyer, Secretary General
Alexandre de Coupigny, Treasurer

Jean-Pierre de Beaumarchais
Francis Charhon
Olivier Diaz
Axel Dumas
Jacob Grierson
Pierre Morel
Caroline Pez-Lefèvre
Sydney Picasso
Henry Pillsbury
Pierre Richard
Agnès Schweitzer
Sébastien de la Selle
Bernard Steyaert
Marc Vuillermet
Sylvie Winckler
Lionel Zinsou