Thanks to its multidisciplinary, internationally orientated programme and with almost 60 partner venues in Paris and Île-de-France, the Festival d’Automne à Paris is as rich as it is diverse. For several years now, the Festival has been developing four complementary artistic and cultural education programmes. These programmes provide pupils and students with the opportunity to discover our partner venues, meet the artists and participate in workshops based on their work.

From nursery to university : Cours de Re-création

Every Autumn for the last 14 years, Cours de Re-création invites pupils to visit an exhibition and then act cultural mediators for the exhibition in schools other than their own and with pupils of all ages. This process sets in motion a group effort, and invites those involved to consider effective ways of communicating their perception of the work.

This Autumn, the programme will be based upon the following exhibitions :

- La vie des tables – Le Crédac
- Sammy Baloji – Beaux-Arts de Paris

Primary school : domino

In the autumn, the Festival initiates a new musical project called domino in a school in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. Alongside the Conservatoire Georges Bizet, Maxime Echardour, percussionist at L'Instant Donné, Nathalie Chanrion, singer and choirmaster, and Julien Pontvianne, saxophonist, clarinettist and composer, the Festival invites students from the same school to put their vocal heritage to music. On the programme: workshops to collect linguistic, vocal and artistic heritage (culinary, visual, clothing), recordings, compositions, occasional interventions by dancers, visual artists and authors... At the end of the year, a public restitution will be held, in the form of short pieces performed by the students of the school and the Conservatory.

High schools : L’Automne au lycée

« When you do one of these workshops, you feel like you’ve changed somehow and have more confidence in yourself. Occasions such as these play a role in the development of our creativity » Laura, pupil

L'Automne au lycée is a variable-geometry program that invites students to attend performance and exhibition halls throughout the fall, to meet artists, to follow practice or mediation workshops, and to host works in their institutions (performance, projection, exhibition).

  • Tailor-made tours
    The following day's Workshops: the students follow a series of shows accompanied by artist-mediators who facilitate their access to the works by offering sessions of discussion, theatrical practice or writing beforehand. For one of the shows, the work goes further: the day after the performance, the students take over the stage. For three hours, they work on a formatting of their impressions that they present to the artist during a short performance.
  • Artistic practice workshops: after the fall, some classes extend their experience by taking part in artistic practice workshops (writing, theatre, dance, music, cinema, visual arts) with artists from the Festival's programme or accomplices.
  • The Festival courtyard side:Throughout the autumn and beyond, in order to facilitate access to the works, the Festival goes out to meet the students in their high schools. Mediators and artists accompany the travelling forms of several artistic projects.

In this context, with the Travelling Exhibition programme, the Festival offers schools the opportunity to host a set of original posters created by artists since its creation in 1972. The exhibition, of variable format, is entirely designed by the students, from the selection of the posters to the hanging and mediation. With works by Pierre Alechinsky, Cy Twombly, Antoni Tapiès, Jean Tinguely, Jenny Holzer, Karla Black, Robert Wilson, Bill Viola, etc., the exhibition is a unique opportunity to discover the work of these artists.

This fall, the Festival also accompanies several artistic projects from its programming in schools and universities: Pistes... by Penda Diouf, Le Grand Inquisiteur by Sylvain Creuzevault, Uneo uplusi eurstragé dies by Gwenaël Morin, etc.

Students: Les Arts à l’amphi

Every year, the Les Arts à l’amphi programme, organized by the Festival and the Beaux-Arts de Paris, gives participants the opportunity to meet around ten of its featured artists (visual artists, choreographers, directors, composers, etc.)

 For 2020 students will meet Sammy Baloji.

Finding out more

Using words and images to look back at projects that took place in 2019, involving around 3000 pupils (from 4 to 25 years), with the Découvrir, Transmettre, Partager journal in French.


The Festival d’Automne à Paris’s artistic and cultural education initiatives aimed at young people receive financial support from Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels and ARTE.
dominore ceive financial support from the Sacem.

The SACD supports all of the artistic and cultural education activities of the Festival d'Automne à Paris developed and carried out by authors.

L’Automne au lycée receive financial support from La Fondation d’entreprise Fiminco.



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