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Un compositeur face aux enfants

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    Un compositeur face aux enfants

    Pierre-Yves Macé’s latest creation, is a piece performed by the children’s choir of Jean-Philippe Rameau de Versailles college. It’s inspiration comes from the character and legend of Billy the Kid. After attending the concert, the junior school classes will meet the composer, who will in turn present the piece to them, talking about its origins and his work. In addition, Pierre-Yves Macé has also adapted a short extract of Ambidextre for junior school choirs, enabling pupils to explore their vocal capacities and work together on a modern-day score.

    The birth and trajectories of sound, its articulation in the space, listening and silence... all these themes which are dear to Luigi Nono, and to whom the Festival has dedicated an artist’s portrait, will be covered during the different workshops. Pupils and project leaders alike will be coming together to talk about what they do and hear. Hence, a musician will present to them the multiples possibilities of his or her instrument: timbre, vibrato and space.

    Un compositeur face aux enfants is in partnership with Sacem