Festival d'Automne à Paris

Visual arts & Performance • Ernesto Neto - Ernesto Neto / Leviathan Thot

This young artist has a peculiar approach to space and the body. Rio de Janeiro, his native city, epitomizing the conflict between nature and culture, shaped his art. His sculptures often deal with the tensions exerted by gravity on skin-thin materials. His monumental installation will contrast the animality of a tulle-and-polystyrene creature suspended under the dome of the Pantheon, with the weight of History and the cultural layers of this landmark.
Commissioned by the Ministère de la culture et de la communication (Délégation aux arts plastiques et Centre national des arts plastiques) and Festival d’Automne à Paris
Co-presented by Panthéon / Centre des monuments nationaux and Festival d’automne à Paris

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Photo : Marc Domage

Photo : Marc Domage

DR-Panthéon dessin Ernesto Neto