Helmut Lachenmann / Gérard Pesson Helmut Lachenmann / Gérard Pesson


Helmut Lachenmann
Concertini for ensemble, 2005
Their techniques may vary, but the music of these two iconoclastic composers betrays a shared disdain for the conventional and the complacent. Stuttgart-born Lachenmann creates situations of « ‘liberated perception’...a transformation of that with which we are familiar ». His composition for ensemble, Concertini, calls for four groups of four instrumentalists arrayed around the conductor; a string group in front; and a tuba player in back.
Gérard Pesson
Mes Béatitudes, 1995; Rescousse, 2004
« An unattainable dream to contain chaos ». That is Pesson’s ultimate ambition. In Mes Béatitudes and Rescousse, Pesson bases his composition on snippets of reminiscence and musical ideas. In the former case, he alternates refrains and dance movements, while in the latter, he strings together 19 sequences inspired by multiple sources, ranging from a verse by the American poetess Susan Howe to an Indian or Greek rhythm.