Team and contacts

If you wish to contact the Festival team by e-mail, please write to the person concerned at the following address: 


Fonder and director 1972-1990
Michel Guy
Director 1992-2009
Alain Crombecque 
Sylvie Hubac
Chairman of the Association Les Amis du Festival
Jean-Jacques Aillagon

Chief executive officer
Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota
Deputy to the Chief Executive Officer, in charge of protocol
Gérard di Giacomo

Artistic director
Francesca Corona (theater, dance and visual arts)
Joséphine Markovits et Clara Iannotta (music)

Bénédicte Dréher
General Secretary, in charge of patronage
Clémence Atallah

Administration and production
Chief accountant
Valérie Ronsse
Patronage officer
Margaux Charles
Production manager
Mathilde Grenier-Pognant
Production officer
Adele Rutigliano
Production officer
Johan Landeau
Music technical coordination
François Couderd

Communication and press
Head of digital content and publications
Emma Poignet
Head of partnership and media development
Yoann Doto
Communication officer
Valentine Dodeman
Communication and media relations officer
Chloé Gourraud
Press Attaché
Rémi Fort

Ticketing and artistic actions
Sales and customer loyalty manager
Sébastien Plaza
Sales, protocol and public loyalty officer
Martin Buisson
Ticketing and hospitality officer
Jérôme Maigret
Head of artistic actions and public diversity
Émilie Roffi
Artistic actions and public diversity officer
Akémi Cauvé
Culture-Santé project officer
Juliette Azaïs


Léo Luchier (artistic initiatives), Alix Plancade (production), Louis Viseur (communication / press)