Join les Amis

Join les Amis

“The Festival d'Automne needs the determined, strong and enthusiastic support of its Friends. This is how it will remain the great festival of exploration and discovery of contemporary creation that it has been for over 50 years.”
Jean-Jacques AiIlagon, Chairman of Les Amis du Festival d'Automne


Created in 1992, Les Amis of the Festival d'Automne à Paris brings together individuals, foundations and companies who accompany and support the Festival in its policy of creation and openness to the world. Revealing works, taking risks, supporting artists and raising public awareness are founding principles that the Friends share and encourage. Every year, Friends, Donors, Major Donors and Patrons of the Festival contribute significantly to the realization of ambitious and demanding programs. For over 30 years, they have all worked to shape the Festival's future through their collective and dedicated commitment.

The Board of Directors

Chairman Jean-Jacques AillagonGeneral secretaryJean-Claude MeyerTreasurer Alexandre de Coupigny

Jean-Pierre de Beaumarchais, Nicolas Bos, Frédérique Cassereau, Francis Charhon, Axel Dumas, Jean-Philippe Gauvin, Guillaume Houzé, Sophie Lacoste-Dournel, Sydney Picasso, Barbara Pillsbury, Agnès Schweitzer, Bernard Steyaert, Arthur Toscan du Plantier, Jean-Marc Urrea, Sylvie Winckler et Juliette de Wouters-Chevalier

The benefits

By donating, you join the association Les Amis of the Festival d'Automne à Paris and become part of a network of individuals, companies and foundations committed to contemporary creation. Regardless of the amount, your support will make a decisive contribution to the Festival's development, its program and its artistic and social initiatives throughout the Paris region.

Under the French law of August 1, 2003, 66% of the amount of your donation is deductible from your income tax for individuals, and 60% for companies.


Clémence Atallah General Secretary, in charge of

Margaux CharlesPatronage