Annette Messager / Gérard Pesson

Annette Messager/Gérard Pesson

Rubato ma glissando

Archive 2008

Rubato ma glissando
Conceived and directed by  Annette Messager and Gérard Pesson
Made-to-Order for the Festival d’Automne à Paris
François Lazarevitch, recorder / musette
Ivan Solano, clarinettes
Nicolas Chedmail, horns
Caroline Delume, guitars
Sylvain Lemêtre, percussions
Elena Andreyev, cello
Eric Caillou, technical collaboration with the participation of Colin Caillou

Produced by the Festival d'Automne à Paris 
In collaboration with the Cité Européenne des Récollets, La Maison de L'Architecture, Le CROAIF and the Centre International d'Acceuil et d'Echange des Récollets
With the support of the Mécenat Musical Société Générale, and the Sacem
As well as the Ernst Von Siemens Foundation for Music and Guy de Wouters

Rubato ma glissando is the first part of a cycle devoted to composer Gerard Pesson.  Here he has joined forces with artist Annette Messager, whose work is similarly delicate and unadorned.  Together they have created an installation in the Récollets chapel and garden – a living, musical tableau that runs for twenty minutes.