Helmut Lachenmann

Nun for flute, trombone, orchestra and Men voices

Archive 2010

Helmut Lachenmann
Nun for flute, trombone, orchestra and men's voices
Anton Bruckner
Symphony n°3 D minor « Wagner Symphonie »
Version by Nowak 1889

Dagmar Becker, flute
Frederic Belli, trombone
Schola Heidelberg, vocal ensemble
direction Walter Nussbaum

SWR Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden & Freiburg
Sylvain Cambreling
, direction


Coproduction Salle Pleyel ; Festival d’Automne à Paris
In collaboration with SWR Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden & Freiburg
Recorded by France Musique, retransmission December 8, 20h

Nun (Now) embarks on sound, discovering horizons and situations, a wealth of orchestral breath, vibrations and beats, plus eight voices uttering phonemes, words and ultimately quoting the Japanese philosopher Nishida Kitaro – The ego is not a thing, but a place. The final coda on the word Music includes mu, for Zen masters the need for radical negation. And Bruckner’s majestic Third Symphony – offering, adoration and faith.