Johannes Brahms / Olga Neuwirth / Arnold Schoenberg / Paul Hindemith

Trauermusik / Remnants of Songs... An Amphigory...

Archive 2011

Paul Hindemith
Trauermusik for viola and strings
Arnold Schoenberg
Accompanying music to a film scene, opus 34
Olga Neuwirth
Remnants of Songs... An Amphigory (Premiere in France)
Johannes Brahms
Symphony n°2, in D, opus 73
Antoine Tamestit, viola
Paris Conservatoire Orchestra
With the participation of the musicians of the Philharmonic orchestra of Radio France
Direction, Patrick Davin
Coproduction Cité de la musique ; Conservatoire de Paris ; Festival d’Automne à Paris
With the support of Austrian Cultural  Forum
With the support of  Mécénat Musical Société Générale
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Olga Neuwirth is fascinated by dual levels, mirrors, anamorphosis… Using as much material as possible, her Remnants of Songs are a true
amphigory. In contrast is Hindemith’s Trauermusik; Schoenberg, who had earlier followed such Freudian paths; Brahms, sculpting symphonic sound in Romantic expression.