Hugues Dufourt / Lucia Ronchetti

L'Asie d'après Tiepolo.../ Le Palais du silence

Archive 2013

Hugues Dufourt
L'Asie d'après Tiepolo, for ensemble
L'Origine du Monde, for piano andt ensemble
Les Chardons d'après Van Gogh, for alto and Chamber Orchestra
Lucia Ronchetti
Le Palais du silence from Claude Debussy, creation, commissioned by la Cité de la musique, Ensemble intercontemporain and Festival d’Automne à Paris
Hidéki Nagano, piano
Grégoire Simon, alto
Ensemble intercontemporain
Direction, Matthias Pintscher

Coproduction Cité de la musique ; Ensemble intercontemporain ; Festival d’Automne à Paris // With the contribution of la Sacem? With the support of  Suona Italiano
France Musique is recording this concert

The painter’s studio and its colors inspired Dufourt who sees the ability of both music and painting to convey reverse effects through color. Paintings by masters are not cited as parallels, but induce perceptions of beauty related to ideas. Ronchetti’s Palace of Silence inhabits the realm of the lost, of things forever unknown