Mette Ingvartsen 7 Pleasures


Seven notions of pleasures: to be felt, experienced as perceptual enigma and political questioning. How do we set about generating and transmitting an alternative experience of pleasure? How can we explore its weak spots, its connecting points with what lies inside, outside - its social, subjective ramifications? How can we use its inflammatory potential in order to overturn all the usual images attached to sexuality and nudity? Seven pleasures, a prolonged sensorial movement, standpoint and carnal installation all at the same time, lives up to its polymorphous and ambiguous promise.
In this melting together of different states, or extended, organic movement of skin-based exploration, bodies touch and test each other, losing sight of their frontiers. They vibrate, enter into contact, and take shape with the objects around them - forming unexpected, pleasurable constellations. Step by step, a new sensation unfurls, giving rise to an examination of each aspect of pleasure from all possible angles. These seven, successive circles and the interweaving of their respective questions leads to the drawing up of a map of desire, to be experienced as much as deciphered. After studying the interactions between the human and the non-human, and the porosity between individuals, objects, and different matter, in shows bordering on installations, such as The Artificial Nature Project or evaporated landscapes, the choreographer Mette Ingvarsten now embarks on a new project dealing with representations of sexuality, a theme set in motion with the solo piece 69 positions. In the firing line will be the mutations of the contemporary body in a context in perpetual evolution.