Vincent Thomasset La Suite


La Suite, a three-part show (Sus à la bibliothèque!, Les Protragonistes and Médail Décor), marks Vincent Thomasset’s arrival in theatre. Designed as autonomous objects, these pieces are nonetheless linked by a deep undercurrent, consisting of a unique, elusive creative process, to the extent that each new episode seems to be sole survivor of the preceding one. With this opus, Vincent Thomasset lays down the foundations of his theatrical language, in which text, lighting, sound and movement are independent forces that take immense pleasure in contradicting and surprising each other.
Each of the three pieces is performed by a chorus of three performers and a tyrannical leader, the director himself, and a dancer, subjected to invisible forces of attraction. The text of La Suite only finds its full expression when put to the test on a theatre stage. Vincent Thomasset’s writing, a lavish, bountiful language which wrings out every possible meaning from words, restores a sense of literality to language and finds its ideal alter-ego in the body of the performer. From this emerges an individuality of a troubled, multiple nature, haunted by the figure of the self-double, and in which all subjectivity is heightened to the point of becoming blurred. Using horse riding as the central metaphor running through the show, La Suite takes us on a journey through our learning process, summoning up old memories and awakening feelings buried in our collective and individual memory. The show deals with the onset of adolescence, that moment in time when words begin to give shape to the moving images of our childhood.