tg STAN Talents Adami Paroles d’acteurs / Amours et Solitudes

based on the work of Arthur Schnitzler


Once again, The Talents Adami Paroles d’acteurs project, initiated by Adami, puts transmission at the heart of the Festival d’Automne. Each year, a major figure from the world of theatre encounters a group of young actors and directs them in a new piece of work. The passing on of skills and the ensuing dialogue with tomorrow’s artists is a challenge which is dear to the Festival.
This year, it is the turn of the tg STAN collective to turn their hands to it, in the company of this new generation. Together, they will be looking at a significant part of the work of the Austrian writer, Arthur Schnitzler. This includes his theatre works Anatol, Lieblei and La Ronde but also his collections of aphorisms, and personal correspondences. A sharp observer of the recesses of the human soul, this figure from Viennese intellectual life had a penchant for dissection of human beings and society at large. And in his monumental Journal, which has been turned into theatrical matter for the purposes of the show, he turns to himself as an object for analysis. Based on this writing material of different kinds, the collective will be devising a polyphonic montage, the key to which it alone holds the secret. tgSTAN will be inviting these budding actors into its own territory, far away from any notions of theatrical illusion, in search of a single truth, that of stage presence. Pastmasters in the refusal of the fourth wall, the collective will be continuing its insatiable, joyous quest into acting that is never far from playing. And transmitting it to tomorrow’s generations.