Gerard & Kelly State of


Since 2003, the Los Angeles-based artists Gerard & Kelly have been working together to create installations and performance-based works which question the formation of the couple and the critical potential of intimacy. Honing in on the gaps between dance and language, Reusable Parts/Endless Love and Timelining examine the shapes that our most intimate relationships take on.
With their influences in minimalist dance, institutional critique and queer theory, Brennan Gerard and Ryan Kelly develop work at the frontier between dance and contemporary art, and in which text, video and sculpture finds its place.
State of, presented as part of the Festival Parades for FIAC under the arches of the Palais de la Découverte confronts the light of architecture and resurgences of the present in obscurity. The piece invites us to look into the present “state of emergency” in search of emerging possibilities.

Gerard & Kelly also present Reusable Parts / Endless Love at Centre national de la danse andTimelining at Centre Pompidou.