Harmony Korine Retrospective / Exhibition


The American artist and film-maker Harmony Korine will be the subject of a month-long exhibition and retrospective of his films at the Centre Pompidou. The artist himself will be present at several screenings as well as live events.
With his roots in underground culture, the film-maker Harmony Korine shot to fame at the age of eighteen years old when he wrote the script for Kids, directed by Larry Clark in 1995. He then wrote and directed Gummo (1997), and Julien Donkey-Boy (1999), earning him a reputation as the most controversial fim-maker of his generation. A fervent, caustic observer of American society, his films focus on youth culture and individuals on the fringes of society, such as Mister Lonely (2007), and Trash Humpers (2009). His next project was Spring Breakers (2012), a wholly disconcerting film which earned him widespread critical acclaim. His films experiment with a variety of narrative styles, mixing together different image textures, from video to digital. Other projects include around twenty short films, in addition to a number of adverts and music videos. Along with film-making, Harmony Korine’s work as an artist extends into the fields of painting, photography, installations and writing. This plethora of artistic activity is the subject of an exhibition at Forum - 1 at the Centre Pompidou. A book, co-edited by Éditions Rizzoli, Centre Pompidou and the Gagosian Gallery, will be looking into the different aspects of Harmony Korine’s visual universe: films, photos, and paintings.