Jeanne Candel
Samuel Achache
Florent Hubert La Chute de la maison

Talents Adami Paroles d’acteurs


Once again, the Festival d’Automne à Paris has put the Talents Adami Paroles d’acteurs scheme at the heart of its programme. What is the idea behind it? This scheme invites experienced theatre directors to direct a show, in the company of young actors and actresses. This year, the duo Jeanne Candel and Samuel Achache has taken up the challenge.
In Talents Adami Paroles d’acteurs, two generations in theatre meet. It is the occasion to establish a meaningful dialogue between the art of directing and the energy of novice actors and actresses. At the crossroads between theatre and opera, Jeanne Candel and Samuel Achache will, in this production, be transmitting their onstage practice to the actors of tomorrow. Together they will be creating a show inspired by several lieder, or poems sung with one voice and accompanied by different instruments, and by Edgar Allan Poe’s wonderful novel, The Fall of the House of Usher. Woven into this dense text, a rich source of inspiration for these two artisans of words and notes, is a number of musical motifs. The stage will be giving way to a romantic, fantastical dream that takes us into the innermost recesses of the soul. Neither deftly-crafted narration nor dazzling opera, this production, a true invitation to an interior voyage, prompts audiences to introspection. In very close proximity to the stage, the spectator is plunged into the intimate world of touch, dream and grain of the voice.