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Encyclopédie de la parole

Suite nº3 ‘Europe'

Joris Lacoste
Pierre-Yves Macé

Theater / music

    • Théâtre de la Ville - Espace Cardin
      November 21 to November 24
    • Nouvelle scène nationale de Cergy-Pontoise et du val d’Oise
      January 30 and 31

    In this latest addition to the Suites chorales, Joris Lacoste and the artists behind the Encyclopédie de la parole will be continuing their explorations into the realms of the real through the prism of everyday language. In collaboration with the composer Pierre-Yves Macé, they will be presenting us with freshly garnered, violent words (accompanied by the piano) from across the whole of Europe. Echoes, perhaps, of the current sorry state of affairs...
    Two years ago, Suite n°2 gave us a concerto of words with the power to act upon the world. This time around, what the Encyclopédie de la parole is interested in is how words affect us - negatively. By bringing to our ears viewpoints that we would “prefer not to hear”, Suite nº3 ‘Europe' takes us on a journey into the paradoxical. Backed up by its closest ally, music, in the form of two opera singers, harsh words gathered up from across the whole of the European Union are rendered up in all their orality. Every melodic, rhythmic, temporal and tonal nuance is given a voice. In Suite n°3, however, they will be accompanied on stage by a piano in order to highlight or emphasize their inflections. This creates the possibility of counterpoint - competition even - with each other, thereby enabling us to hear them in unexpected ways. We find ourselves listening to them as we might listen to a series of lieder, melodies, operatic recitatives, pop songs, or the sounds of French popular music. For Joris Lacoste and Pierre-Yves Macé, joint authors of the musical score, such a mechanism provides the necessary distance and strand of humour for us to hear, and exorcise, these “foul tongues”.

    Suite nº3 ‘Europe'  (for two singers and a pianist)
    Conception, Encyclopédie de la parole
    Composition and direction, Joris Lacoste
    Composition and music, Pierre-Yves Macé
    Cast, Bianca Iannuzzi, Laurent Deleuil et Denis Chouillet (piano)
    Artistic collaboration, Elise Simonet
    Choeography, Lenio Kaklea
    Scenography and light design, Florian Leduc
    Sound, Stéphane Leclercq
    Costumes, Ling Zhu
    Singing master, Vincent Leterme
    Vocal coach, Valérie Philippin
    Staging intern, Yvan Loiseau
    Translation, project manager, Marie Trincaretto
    French text, Julie Etienne
    Languages : English, French, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Hungarian, Spanish, Polish, Croatian, Danish, Maltese, Italian, Gaelic, Romanian, Czech, Slovak, Finnish, Bulgarian, Swedish, Greek, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovenian

    Collecting coordinators, Joris Lacoste, Valérie Louys, Marion Siéfert, Elise Simonet
    Invited archive collectors, Christa Antoniou (CY), Zsolt Boros (HU), Tamara Bracic Vidmar (SL), Rita Bukauskaite (LIT), Ida Daniel (BUL), Milena Ilieva (BUL), Pierre Daubigny (POL), Ania Szczepanska (POL), Glen Falzon (MT), Antoine Cassar (MT), Nicole Genovese (FIN), Kim Jeitz (LU), Genevieve Leyh (ENG), Lenka Luptakova (SK), Shane Mansfield (GLA), Barbara Matijevic (HR), Nicolas Melard (AT), Olivier Van Nooten (NL), Daniel Naami (NL), Federico Paino (IT), Ruta Pakalne (LV), Alise Bokaldere (LV), Birgit Peeters (BE), Tomás Pereira Ginet-Jaquemet (ES), Sergiu Popescu (RO), David Roenner (SE), Brigitte Schima (AT), Soren Stecher-Rasmussen (DK), Maia Means (DK) et Sotiris Vasiliu (GR)
    Thanks to Sarah Becher (DE), Nikola Bencova (CZ), David-Alexandre Gueniot (PT), Patricia Almeida (PT), Anneke Lacoste (NL), Nuno Lucas (PT), Marie Pullerits (EST), Raquel Rodrigues da Costa Gomes de Sousa (PT)
    Partners for collecting workshops, Teatro Municipal do Porto, Baltoscandal Festival (Rakvere)
    Language coaches, Kim Andringa, Zsolt Boros, Rita Bukauskaite, Pierre Daubigny, Nicole Genovese, Hanna Hedman, Milena Ilieva, Lénio Kaklea, Nuno Lucas, Christa Antoniou, Barbara Matijevic, Nele Suisalu, Bara Prochaskova, Sergiu Popescu, Kristine Borodina, Sarka Vancurova, Gabrielle Sargent, Ania Szczepanska Judyta Steffek and Alexander Nielsen
    Production and administration Echelle 1:1 / Edwige Dousset assisted by Justine Noirot
    Project development, production and distribution Ligne Directe / Judith Martin & Marie Tommasini

    Production Echelle 1:1 (with the support from Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication / DRAC Ile-de-France) in partnership with Ligne Directe
    Coproduction Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels), Théâtre de la Ville - Paris, Festival d’Automne à Paris, La Comédie de Reims - CDN / Festival Reims Scènes d’Europe, São Luiz Teatro Municipal / Festival Alkantara (Lisbon), festival NEXT / Le phénix scène nationale Valenciennes pôle européen de création, Théâtre Garonne - Scène européenne (Toulouse), Festival Baltoscandal (Rakvere), Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival, L’apostrophe, scène nationale de Cergy-
    Pontoise et du Val d’Oise, Mousonturm (Frankfurt)
    With the help of the French Institute in Paris, Ville de Saint-Denis - Conservatoire de musique et de danse and Nanterre- Amandiers - Centre dramatique national and CN D Centre national de la danse, accueil en résidence
    Suite N°3 is co-produced with the support of House On Fire and NXTSTP and European Union’s Cultural Programme
    Premiere Théâtre Garonne - Scène européenne, Toulouse, 2017 October the 10th