Mette Ingvartsen to come (extended)


After 69 positions and 7 pleasures, pieces dedicated to representations and discourse about sexuality, Mette Ingvartsen returns with one of her former works, to come (2005). In this extended version, she will be updating its unsettling representations of pleasure and desire.
Twelve years have gone by since to come, and its “extended” version this year. During this time, the hyper-sexualization of reality has continued to take hold, notably through the internet. In this retroactive re-reading of the original, Mette Ingvatsen has increased both the number of performers and its sensitivity horizon. What place should we give to these highly sexualized images that unceasingly embed themselves in the circuits of our imagination and physical selves? By means of bodies moving around a stage, how can we embody the questions posed by this uninterrupted flow of bare flesh and genitalia? How does it format our modes of sexual pleasure? How can we make its onstage representation the place of a reflection on an economic order founded on sexual pleasure and also, simultaneously, that of a process of subjective re-appropriation? “To come”, with its double meaning of “to ejaculate”, is likened to a continually arising moment. Hovering on the brink of this threshold, this climatic instant that begins over and over again, the piece uses the modes of indistinction and porosity. By making the contours of the bodies disappear, mixing their surfaces, Mette Ingvartsen shapes them into organic and orgasmic masses. They continually speed up and slow down, thereby conveying the throb of our intimate desires: a diffracted form of ecstasy from which emerge ambiguous states of excitement and pleasure.