Joris Lacoste Talents Adami Paroles d’acteurs
Noyau ni fixe


The annual rendez-vous with the Talents Adami Paroles d’acteurs initiative is here again, hosted for the sixth consecutive year by Atelier de Paris, this time in the company of the director Joris Lacoste. Each year, an artist joins forces with young actors and directs them in a new, original production

Once again the Festival d’Automne has placed transmission and dialogue between two generations of artists at the heart of its programme. The director Joris Lacoste will be collaborating with a group of young actors on Noyau ni fixe, a joint-production the aim of which is to bring to the stage the magical power of the spoken word using the most elementary means of theatre: voice and words, movement and prosody, melody and rhythm. With his fascination for prayers, incantations, charms and spells, evil and magic alike, Joris Lacoste’s proposition is that of a ceremony for today’s world, complete with mysterious formulae, pop-inspired psalms, priests of the night, unexpected enchantments, and rites of a resolutely modern nature. Audiences will be treated to a musical and choral piece, built upon references from the young actors and coloured with the worries and beauty of our world. The piece will serve both as a celebration of what counts, and as a means of summoning up our fears.