Radouan Mriziga Échelle Humaine / 7


For this first edition of Échelle Humaine, the Lafayette Anticipations dance festival will be teaming up with the Festival d’Automne’s Portrait of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Over the course of a week, the choreographer, in the company of Andros Zins-Browne, Eleanor Bauer and Radouan Mriziga will be taking over the playing spaces of the new foundation with movement. Radouan Mriziga brings this programme to a close with 7, an epic piece for seven dancers and musicians. Taking in the entire Lafayette Anticipations building, the piece confronts moving bodies with architecture.

Radouan Mriziga approaches dance through the prism of architecture. Following precise protocols of choreographic construction, his performances make and unmake spaces for both his dancers and audiences alike. More often than no, Mriziga uses the bodies of his performers as his starting point. Putting them to use as instruments of instrument, he creates shapes on the ground which recall the tradition of islamic geometric motifs. 7 is the last installment in a choreographic trilogy that Mriziga has developed using gestures and actions of construction that generate dance. This piece brings together six dancers and one musician around the fantasy of the seven wonders of the world and their disproportionate relationship with the human body. In this group piece, Mriziga confronts moving bodies with the symbolic power of architecture. Readapted for the Lafayette Anticipations spaces, 7 takes shape via a finely-crafted choreographic progression, which embraces the venue’s spatial characteristics. It prompts the audience to continually adapt their perception of what they see before them, and to reconsider their own place within the space.
Running time: 1h10