Tomás Saraceno Arachno-concerts

[Visual Arts & Performance]

“On air”, Tomás Saraceno’s carte blanche at the Palais de Tokyo, plunges the visitor into a large-scale “cosmic jam session”, intermixing the sounds and resonances of the universe. Punctuating the exhibition, three “arachno-concerts” will be offering visitors a unique listening experience by creating a dialogue between musicians and spiders.

Tomás Saraceno will be occupying the different spaces of the Palais de Tokyo with works that make us more aware of our interconnections and interdependencies with an infinity of other scales. In this aim, the exhibition space will be turned into a membrane in which a random, evolving choreography will unfurl. Within this choreography, the multiplicity, richness, and complexity of the different agents that make up the universe, visible and invisible, human and non-human, perceptible and non-perceptible for our organism, become the innumerable voices of the concert of the living.
Tomás Saraceno celebrates the polyphony of the cosmos and seeks to bring about an encounter between man and animal through a series of three “inter-species jam sessions”, forming a core part of his work. The musicians are invited to play with the spiders, and to find the frequencies and modes of vibration which give rise to a dialogue with these other living beings. Intended as highlights of the project, bringing together members of the public and musicians in a process of listening, playing and mutual harmonisation, these concerts stem from all that is random or improvised, and from our own resilience.