Antonin Tri Hoang
Samuel Achache Chewing gum Silence

[Theater / Music]

The saxophonist and clarinettist Antonin Tri Hoang brings us his first show, for all audiences, on the theme of those melodies or tunes which we just cannot seem to get out of our heads. In the company of the director Samuel Achache, and the musicians Jeanne Susin and Thibault Perriard, they have collectively conjured up a highly original show in the form of a musical game.

We all have, at some time or another, a tune ringing in our heads. In German, a special word exists to describe this phenomenon and which sets up an interesting image: Ohrwurm, “ear worm”. Luckily, researchers from the University of Reading, England have discovered that it is possible to get rid of it by chewing on chewing-gum. This subject was naturally of interest to Antonin Tri Hoang, a jazz musician who has always put tune or melody at the heart of his investigations. For his first show, aimed at audiences of all ages, the musician, in the company of the director Samuel Achache, lead a series of workshops with schoolchildren in Saint Denis, during which they worked on and around these “little bits of tunes” conveyed to them by the young participants. The rendition of these snatches of song were made all the more touching due to the way the memory and vocal capacities of the children transformed them. In this piece, the musicians Antonin Tri Hoang, the pianist Jeanne Susin and the drummer Thibault Perriard take on the roles of three sound archivists, on a stage littered with boxes full of melodies from across the globe. They orchestrate the circulation of the tunes across the space in such a way that they appear and disappear – like a giant game of musical hide-and-seek.
Running time : 55 min.
Suitable for children above 6 years old