La Ribot Se Vende


In this exhibition taking in two venues, the objects, installations, videos and notebooks of the artist La Ribot destabilize audience-performer relations. In doing so, they redefine the space and modalities of their encounter.

Se Vende, a two-part exhibition, at the Centre Pompidou and then at the Centre national de la danse, brings together videos which take a behind-the-scenes look at spectacle or the show: Mariachi 17 (2009), a kaleidoscope-like exploration of the backstage of a theatre, FILM NOIR (2014-2017), a tribute to extras, and Scène-Fiction (2014) which looks at what lies behind theatrical creation. Feeding off the protocol of museums and other such venues, the Walk the Chair (2010) installation summons up 50 chairs ready to be twisted and turned in all directions, and on which are etched quotations about movement. This performativity of language is also to be found in her notebooks, written up between 1985 and 2018, and in which notation, concept and drawing together become the foundations for writing which is a driving force in itself.