Marco Berrettini Sorry, do the tour. Again!


Marco Berrettini has chosen the format of the disco dance marathon in order to shake up the codes of contemporary dance. By means of this festive competition and all the glitter that goes with it, the choreographer surreptitiously formulates a biting yet joyful critique of society and the spectacle.

Recreated using a mixture of new performers and members of the original cast, Sorry, do the tour. Again! takes us back to Marco Berrettini’s adolescent loves by bringing to the stage a disco dance marathon. This glamour-filled meditation on the passage of time also signals a return to source in terms of his vocabulary. Here, the crossover between popular dance form and a choreography of a more institutionalised nature creates a sense of disparity, a gap simply waiting to be filled by self-mockery. On a dance floor shrouded in a garish pink light, the ten performers, each of them numbered, take up their places in the competition, and gyrate to the sound of Donna Summer, Sylvester and the Jackson Five, miming the gestures of their icons. The utter joy that the activation of this collective memory brings about is in counterpoint to the glimpses of backstage life that we are given, showing the reality of the technical, routine nature of the work that goes into the putting on a show. Drawing upon elements from the film Opening Night by John Cassavetes and the essay Rules for the Human Zoo by Peter Sloterdijk, the piece formulates a critique of both society and its institutions, and takes an ironic look at the narcissism and rivalry that characterises our era. The title laments the condition of these individuals who, reduced to the status of mere objects to be consumed, are forced to dance.
Running time : 1h30