Mette Ingvartsen Moving in Concert


After the Red Pieces series which probed deep into the question of sexuality, Mette Ingvartsen once again sets in motion a physical laboratory. In the expanding universe which unfurls, bodies, matter, movements and sounds interact, in a way which makes us think about the contemporary individual’s fundamentally “connected” status.

The work of the choreographer Mette Ingvartsen proceeds in cycles, following a long-term path which enables her to investigate a particular issue by delving into its blind-spots and grey areas. Following on from 7 pleasures and 21 pornographies from the Red Pieces series – which took us deep into the intricacies of a body racked by the question of sexuality -, her latest creation comes back to issues similar to those raised in The Artificial Nature Project. In it, the stage becomes a laboratory on the frontier between molecular physics, installation and dance. Whereas pieces such as evaporated landscapes saw the body in terms of its use simply as an agent for transforming matter, Moving in Concert looks for a deeper point of inter-connection between the dancers and the matter with which they cohabit. At the heart of this autonomous ecosystem are reflected the changes and invisible interactions which govern our relationship with objects – a projection of the ambiguous relations that the contemporary individual entertains with an increasingly connected environment. Shifted onto a simultaneously abstract and concrete space, the danced movement produces zooms, fissions, condensations, accelerations and loops. Both materialist ecstasy and critical reflection on our fetishist relationship with things, Moving in Concert is a show in movement made up of sounds, gestures, and colours – and in which all elements move around in concert.
Estimated running time : 1h10