Vincent Thomasset Carrousel


With his new creation, Carrousel, Vincent Thomasset brings us an onstage exploration of the notion of the subject and the relationship of the individual to authority and the collective

How do we organise a space and then find our place within it as a subject? How can we define our relationship with that of the collective and with authority. In Carrousel, Vincent Thomasset explores these questions via different protocols and onstage mechanisms. Since 2011, the equestrian universe has played an important role in the pieces by this choreographer and director, but without it ever being its subject. The title Carrousel carries with it echoes of merry-go-rounds from our childhood, but also the steps of horses trained to perform pirouettes and hold certain poses. The carrousel, an arena given over to dressage and parading, is used here as a vehicle for an onstage exploration of the notions of free will, collective organisation and the relationship with authority. The five performers go through several different states of gestures and registers of the spoken word, ranging from syntax of a highly formal nature to pieces by Molière. Alone, in a duo or a group, in dialogue or in chorus, they set forth a partition in which geometrical shapes and texts taken from works of fiction alternate with each other.
Estimated running time : 1h10