Benjamin Kahn Echelle Humaine - « Sorry But I Feel Slightly Disidentified… »


Bodies are the vectors of this new edition of Échelle Humaine. Whether they be choreographed, directed, or imaginary, they occupy all the spaces of Lafayette Anticipations and invite us to observe what is beneath the surface of the world: our infatuations and our refusals, our hesitations and our affirmations, and our tenacity.

Under colourful fabrics, a silhouette and a rhythm give the A, the first A of "Sorry, But I Feel Slightly Disidentified...", which will then be declined in as many tones as there are stereotypical carpets, ready to pounce. Conceived by Benjamin Kahn for and with performer and choreographer Cherish Menzo - Dutch of Surinamese descent - the piece provokes our views and prejudices about races, genders, social status, cultures. Layer after layer, the performer unfolds and metamorphoses, anchored in her body and yet partially divested of the images she sends, sends back, and disturbs. In front of her and in front of them, the spectators cannot evade what is revealed there, so obviously close, and what they perceive, what they deduce from it, sometimes from their defending bodies. "Sorry, But I Feel Slightly Disidentified..." is a formidable embodiment of a portrait whose model never ceases to escape the frameworks and norms to which he is so often and stubbornly assigned.
Running time: 55 minutes