Boris Charmatz / Dimitri Chamblas À bras-le-corps


As one of the two dancers was injured, we regret that we have to cancel this programme.
Those with tickets will be contacted for reimbursement.

In 1993, just graduated from the conservatory, Boris Charmatz and Dimitri Chamblas entered the choreographic scene with a sensational performance of À bras-le-corps.
This piece, which subjected their bodies to an immense expenditure of energy, contrasts with the codes of the time. It was a question of testing the limits, the edges, overexposing the bodies, the fatigue, the breath, by confronting their presence with that of the audience. Spread out in a square around the dancers, the spectators see and hear everything: the hammering of the steps, the recovery times, the shocks, the rubbing of flesh, the skin that begins to heat, then to glow, then to pearl
Physical, athletic object, designed for their young dancers' bodies, À bras-le-corps could have ended when Dimitri Chamblas put a halt to his career as a performer. Instead, they chose to put their bodies to the test of this dance of exhaustion, and see what these gestures still had to tell them, in the present tense.
Running time: 35 minutes