Jonathan Capdevielle Rémi


For his first show aimed at all audiences, Jonathan Capdevielle tackles Hector Malot’s Sans famille, a vibrant classic of French literature. His adaptation consists of two episodes: a show and an audio fiction to listen to once at home.

After first discovering it in manga versions, Sans famille, this rite of passage novel which recounts the uplifting events in the life of Rémi, the orphan sold to a warm-hearted artist, was a clear choice for Jonathan Capdevielle. Childhood, memories, but also the relationships with our origins, our family, and the way in which these elements shape, in part, the individual, have always played an important part in shows by this author, director and actor, graduate of the Ecole supérieure nationale des arts de la marionnette school of puppetry and performer in several productions by Gisèle Vienne. Rémi, the young hero, played by Dimitri Doré, forced to head off into the unknown in search of a new life, always manages to emerge from adventures of this darkest kind with a mixture of optimism and determination. It is this bravery, of an almost systematic nature, which convinced him to adapt the story for the children of today. The art of the spectacle or show and the love of music occupy a central place in the figure of Vitalis, the street musician and dog tamer, a role which Capdevielle confers to Babacar M’Baye Fall. The actors Jonathan Drillet and Michèle Gurtner play several roles, using a mixture of costume and masks, including Capi the dog and Joli Coeur the little monkey. Little by little, the immersive sound means that the act of listening takes on an increasingly important place in the show, paving the way for the shift from image to audio fiction.
Running time: 1h30
Suitable for audiances over 8 years old