Jaehyuck Choi  /
Miroslav Srnka /
Enno Poppe 


À travers leurs œuvres, ces quatre compositeurs racontent les années d’apprentissage, l’attachement aux traditions, à leur pays d’origine, tout en s’interrogeant sur la société, en Asie, en Europe ou aux États-Unis, où ils créent avec liberté et invention.

Overheating was composed by Miroslav Srnka for the centennial celebration of the Los Angeles Philharmonic in 2018, and in the context of the vast city, such the overheating can be seen in relation to both climate and social issues. The composer also refers to the year 2018 marked the centenary of his own country, Czechoslovak Republic (as it then was).
The composer and conductor Jaehyuck Choi is also the artistic director of the Ensemble Blank. He wrote Nocturne III for the Geneva International Music Competition and won first prize for composition. He studied with Unsuk Chin in the Republic of Korea, then with Matthias Pintscher at the Juilliard School in New York City. Nocturne III was subsequently developed as a work for the Ensemble intercontemporain, and the solo clarinetist, Jerôme Comte, has described the work as being “very poetic, with melodies distinguished by elegant, pure lines as well as by moments of great force.”
Graffiti stands in history as a form of expression, often displaying originality and creativity. Unsuk Chin, in her work Graffiti, composed in 2003, refers to the modern-day urban landscape, using string and wind instruments and their distinctive styles of playing, developing each of the three movements with a characteristic identity, continuing through to the virtuoso finale of the urban passacaglia.
Enno Poppe, who has been featured in Festival d’Automne programs since 2007, is a composer of forms deployed, of cycles, and startling instrumentation, as with the nine synthesizers in Rundfunk in 2018. This year he is presenting a new work for a large instrumental ensemble.