Daria Deflorian
Antonio Tagliarini Nous aurons encore l’occasion de danser ensemble
d’après Ginger et Fred de Federico Fellini


Following on from a period of work inspired by Red Desert by Michelangelo Antonioni, the new piece by the Italian duo, whose work the Festival d’Automne is so fond of, once again tackles a monumental figure of Italian cinema: Federico Fellini. Here, they take their inspiration from his film Ginger and Fred.

At the end of the film, Amelia says to Pippo : « I don't think we will have the chance to dance together again». The performer duo takes this sentence in the opposite direction by prolonging the research they initiated in Quasi niente (Almost nothing) on the common thread which unites different generations, opening up a space for hope in the process of transmission. Here, a performative and danced conversation is played out between three couples, in their thirties, forties and sixties, respectively. In a short space of time, the piece invites us to perceive them as one and the same couple which, over the course of time, dialogues with past and future moments in its life. These temporal shifts exude a soothing, quite disturbing atmosphere never far from the land of dreams; the latter were always a rich source of inspiration for the great film-maker himself, drawings of which he made until his dying days. In search of this residue of purity which turns into revolt, powerless though it may be, in the case of Fellini's two characters, this piece is an ode to the couple and the energy of dialogue, the latter giving us the possibility of moving forwards together.