Emmanuelle Huynh Nuée


Twenty five years after Múa, an inaugural piece operating at the frontiers of darkness, Emmanuelle Huynh returns to her relationship with Vietnam in a solo in which lighting, music, language and the body dialogue with each other in order to formulate a memorial, intimate landscape, traversed by a multiple address.

Starting with images and questions revolving around the name of her father (Huynh Thanh Vân, Blue cloud), Emmanuelle Huynh leads an inquiry, in search of the lines of force which structure her body as a dancer. Between Vietnam and France, she traces out a fine contour that she journeys along, seeking, along the way, to understand the various threads of thought, anchor points, and knots – whilst addressing her gestures to the multitude of voices and bodies of which she is constituted. In this way, Nuée draws out a map in which energies and reminiscences circulate freely, and in which sentences are articulated – in the mouth, limbs and skin. At the junction between the body and the stage, a hybrid territory springs into existence – similar to the “dépays” of which Chris Marker was so fond. Sculpted by light and fog, Emmanuelle Huynh's body effectuates a compression of states, and symbols, in the form of physical ideograms mixed together by the memory. Appropriating the concept of « destinerrance », elaborated by Jacques Derrida, in order to describe the uncertain destination of all forms of address, she disperses traces, transmits signs, and scatters an « image of self» in an archipelago of othernesses.