Gwenaël Morin Uneo uplusi eurstragé dies
Andromaque à l’infini
Les Exilées
La naissance de la tragédie


Gwenaël Morin takes over the Maison de métallos as part of a month-long CoOp thanks to four artistic propositions linked by a common thread: the force of tragedy. The words of Sophocles, Aeschylus, Racine and Nietzsche will be ringing out from dawn to dusk in an infinite, unceasing theatrical offering that flies in the face of all convention.

For this new edition of the Festival d’Automne, Gwenaël Morin returns with his permanent theatre - a place which is open to all, all the time. He will be turning this idea into reality the Maison de métallos, by means of three shows, fourteen actors, a tragic chorus made up of fifty or so local inhabitants and a wake or vigil-like reading taking us into the night. This programme proposes a re-run of two former shows by the director: Uneo uplusi eurstragé dies (based on the tragedies by Sophocles, Ajax, Antigone, and Heracles and presented in 2019 and 2020 at the Festival d’Automne) and Andromaque à l’infini. Restaging these works, however, leads to them being transformed, since the casting is done at random, and thus the actors and actresses never play the same roles. In addition, over the course of the month, around fifty female inhabitants from the Belleville-Ménilmontant neighbourhood will be working on Les Exilées by Eschyle. Workshops will take place during the daytime, giving rise to performances later in the day, followed by readings of Nietzsche’s La naissance de la tragédie (The Birth of Tragedy) into the night. For Gwenaël Morin and his team, taking over the Metallos venue brings is about intensifying the practice of theatre, and also its infinite renewal, set to the rhythm of tragedy.