Marcelo Evelin AI, AI, AI


Setting up the challenge of a dance which comes out of nothing, AI, AI, AI circulates between the present and memory purely via the vector of corporal movement. By means of a few accessories harking back to childhood or adolescence and a dancing body, a poetic journey takes shape before us, at the heart of the Brazilian roots of an artist who has been away from his country for a long time.

Regularly called upon to restage the solo he created in 1995 in New York, an extremely personal, uncommented opus stemming from a process of investigation into his own body, Marcelo Evelin has accepted the invitation of Lia Rodrigues, to whom the Festival d’Automne à Paris has dedicated a Portrait this year. AI, AI, AI, a self-portrait coloured with saudade, completes itself in a spontaneous way as the years go past, enrichened by the metamorphosis of the body. The gestural assurance found at the beginning becomes tinged with the shadow of the present, a testimony to the maturity of a gesture which has passed through all the different states possible, and which, from now on, can only question dance itself in terms of its execution. The gestures become interrogative, danced gestures, which look, watch, right down to the fingertips. After turning the spotlight to his flamboyant youth in the last pieces performed at the Festival d’Automne, Marcelo Evelin imprints the stage with another range of emotions in this re-run of a solo performance at the age of sixty years old.