Marcelo Evelin
Latifa Laâbissi La Nuit tombe quand elle veut


As part of the Portrait dedicated to her, Lia Rodrigues has invited Marcelo Evelin and Latifa Laâbissi to collaborate on a journey of the imagination and sound: a hallucinatory wake or vigil in the presence of three incandescent creatures, their bodies set in motion by the images, voices and states that traverse them.

A wake or vigil is traditionally a moment in time when people gather together in order to experience the symbolic passage of time between night and day. For this collaboration from two cultures, the French choreographer Latifa Laâbissi and the Brazilian choreographer Marcelo Evelin has chosen to set forth the necessary conditions for a wake of a fully-inhabited kind: inhabited by voices, and songs and peopled by flamboyant presences and nagging ghosts. In La nuit tombe quand elle veut, they invite spectators to follow them along a journey of perceptive immersion, in which they undergo an interior experience in the company of three figures, part-nightwatchman and part-prophetess, who are always on the lookout. Accompanied by the musician Tomas Monteiro – whose theremin playing amplifies their imaginary states – their presences mutate, turning into “bodies which see, register, sediment, cannibalise, archive and bury”. Multiplied by Nadia Lauro's incandescent staging, the light they mirror, and the languages they emit, together with their bodies saturated with images, all blends into a tumultuous and malleable matter, in constant metamorphosis.