Marco Berrettini
Jonathan Capdevielle
Jérôme Marin Music all


Guided by their respective practices of dance and song, Marco Berrettini, Jonathan Capdevielle and Jérôme Marin join forces for the first time and sway the frontiers of cabaret, in the form of performers surpassed by their roles.

If all the world is a stage, it is safer to say that the stage is a world. That of the music-hall is like a disco ball which captures and reflects an infinite number of realities, artistic disciplines, moods, avatars, lights, things and clever tricks. It is host to both the fairy-like and the pathetic, set to the tune of dance-inducing variety. But between the artist, the character, and man, who is actually onstage? This bewildering question – a notion which lies at the very heart of entertainment – guides Marco Berrettini, Jonathan Capdevielle and Jérôme Marin in this Music all in which self-abandon and failure are its explosive driving forces. Camped out a motorway rest area, the trio – accompanied by the actor-stuntman Franck Saurel – indulge in an array of hits, revisited and transformed live onstage by the musician Théo Harfoush. Together they bring us a never-ending music-hall number in which the desires and obsessions of each of them comes to light. The evening's proceedings are shiny, with lots of thrills and spills, wrapped up in an uninterrupted movement of characters performing a choreographic, theatrical and musical piece of work with, from time to time, improvised passages.