Thiago Granato

The Sound They Make When No One Listens

Archive 2021

Concept, artistic direction and choreography, Thiago Granato
Created by, Arantxa Martinez, Roger Sala Reyner, and Thiago Granato
Avec Mariana Romagnani, Roger Sala Reyner, and Thiago Granato
Co-creation and assistant director, Sandro Amaral
Lighting, Claes Schwennen
Sound, David Kiers
Sound assistant, Andrea Parolin
Dramaturgical advice, Lisa Stertz
In association with CND Centre national de la danse and Festival d’Automne
à Paris.
A coproduction by Tanz im August – HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin) ; and Le Dancing - CDCN Dijon Bourgogne-Franche-Comté
In association with CND Centre national de la danse (Pantin) ; and Festival d’Automne à Paris
With support from Fondation d’entreprise Hermès
With assistance from TanzFabrik Berlin, Teatro Municipal do Porto, DDD – Festival Dias da Dança (Porto), and Station – Service for contemporary dance through the StationOne Residency Programme (Belgrade)
With support from the department of Culture and Europe of the Berlin senate.
With support from Fondation d’entreprise Hermès
Partnership with France Culture

After his three Choreoversations solos, Thiago Granato latest piece is a trio on the theme of hearing. In the midst of the current political and sanitary crises, the piece is an artistic gesture that affirms the possibility of a different relationship with the world around us.

For the Brazilian Thiago Granato, hearing, as opposed to simply listening is, in the literal sense of the word, an act of subversion. An act which ultimately has the power to overturn the established order, especially when it comes to listening and actively paying attention to those groups of invisible people whose voices are never heard, such as the minority groups held in contempt by the Bolsonaro government. Exploring the mechanisms of an active form of perception enables the current structures of power to be brought under review, in addition to the control they exercise over individuals. In this latest work, devised in Berlin, at the height of the pandemic, the choreographer plunges the three dancers into the heart of what he calls a “listeningdesign”, created in collaboration with the musician David Kiers. The sounds they make with their own bodies, such as breathing or the noise of their footsteps, as well as those from outside – electronic music, noises and voices – guide the dramaturgy and movements. Combined with lighting effects, they give rise to a multi-sensory playing space. Hearing becomes a way of going beyond appearances, and of opening ourselves up to another reality beyond that of the moving bodies.

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CND Centre national de la danse
novembernov 14 - 16

Radouan Mriziga
Atlas/The Mountain

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In Atlas/The Mountain, the Moroccan choreographer Radouan Mriziga transforms his body into a catalyst for energies and traditions from the Atlas Mountains. This solo in the form of a ritual is transcended by polymorphic figures and captivating rhythms.

CND Centre national de la danse
novembernov 14 - 16

Latifa Laâbissi, Antonia Baehr
Cavaliers impurs In a visual installation by Nadia Lauro

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Following on from Consul and Meshie, Latifa Laâbissi and Antonia Baehr bring us a duo in the form of a series of heterogeneous sequences, interlinked by a common thread of the impure, hybridization and collage. They combine their respective vocabularies, such as the relationship with the expressiveness of the face, and the crossing of genres, registers. Over the course of different numbers or acts, Laâbissi and Baehr interweave their respective universes, thereby overturning the various choreographic codes and blurring the frontiers.

CND Centre national de la danse
novembernov 29 - 30

Elsa Dorlin
Travailler la violence #4


How can we work on violence? How can we put into perspective, stage and retell it? How can we tear it to pieces? The purpose of this two day-long series of encounters, put together by the philosopher Elsa Dorlin, will be to update what critiques of violence teach us and to make an inventory of the various weapons of violence collected.