Fanny de Chaillé Le Chœur


Fanny de Chaillé returns in the high schools with her show Le Choeur, first performed during the Festival’s 2020 edition as part of the Talent Adami Théâtre initiative. Ten young actors and actresses constitute a body of ten voices. Onstage, different stories intertwine, converse and converge in a single momentum.

The format of the chorus, both actor and spectator, enunciator and silent audience, enables Fanny de Chaillé to dig deeper into her research on the spoken word and its reception. How can we involve the body in the telling of a story? In the company of ten young actors and actresses, the female director draws up a choreography, both corporal and sound-based: whispers, collective narration and personal accounts unfurl on stage in a common outbreath. From out of this staging emerges a fresh new way of making theatre, which is both joyful and free. The text by the poet Pierre Alferi, taken from his collection diverse chaos, blends with texts by each of the performers, invented during the rehearsals. Underlying these slices of life is a question: how does History meet with our own history? How do the intimate and the collective event cross each other’s paths? The show multiplies the different accounts, opening up an infinite variety of possibilities: it speaks to us of the fabric of a contemporary chorus, unveiling its pulsations and energy.