Marcus Lindeen La Trilogie des identités


Following on from L’Aventure invisible in 2020, the Swedish theatre director and film-maker, Marcus Lindeen, brings us his Trilogie des identités. Developed over a period of fifteen years, these three pieces plunge us into the depths of our interior worlds. They take us on an adventure into the intimate and often vertiginous quest of individuals in search of themselves.

How can we take into account the multiple identities of which we are composed? A trained radio journalist and theatre director, Marcus Lindeen uses a meticulous process of research and interviews as the basis for his work. In collaboration with the dramaturge Marianne Ségol-Samoy and the composer Hans Appelqvist, he brings to the stage the spoken words of individuals with extraordinary destinies. The sparse staging, in which the audience surrounds the actors, makes the audience feel as though they have been invited to an intimate discussion. Orlando et Mikael revisits the first piece created by Marcus Lindeen in 2006. It gives voice to two individuals and their experiences of the sex-reassignment surgery they underwent, together with the questions they pose about their irreversible decisions. In Wild Minds, the protagonists suffer from “compulsive dream disorder” and agree to embark upon an imaginary group therapy. Lastly, the heroes of L’Aventure invisible lived through an experience which shook their very identities, forcing them to reinvent their own destiny. This trilogy provides us with three fascinating explorations of our capacity to transform ourselves.