Sofia Dias / Vítor Roriz
Filiz Sizanli / Mustafa Kaplan NEVER ODD OR EVEИ


The fruit of an artistic residency, the piece by Filiz Sizanli, Mustafa Kaplan, Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz, consists of two duos, and uses mirror work to focus on the figure of the double. It explores the conditions behind the possibility of a collaboration that links the individual and the collective.

The creative process behind NEVER ODD OR EVEИ is a square-like one: an encounter between two dancer-choreographer duos, in which they observe each other, share their ways of doing things, and set up links. This process resulted in the writing, collectively, of a piece the choreographic fabric of which is that of the different forces at work within the intimacy of these doubled-up creative relationships. Filiz Sizanli and Mustafa Kaplan, both of whom are Turkish, created their first piece as a duo in 1996 and started up their own company, Taldans, in 2003. Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz, both of whom are Portuguese, have been co-creating work since 2006. All four of them have a shared interest in the relationships between the spoken word, voice, movement and gesture, as well as an affection for abstraction and minimalism – but without dealing with these issues in the same way, either as an individual or a duo. By experimenting with the mirror-effect of this shared creative process, NEVER ODD OR EVEИ gravitates around the figure of the double and the experience of similarity and difference, with all its artistic, social and political implications.