Échelle Humaine
Alix Boillot Scénographie potentielle

[Échelle Humaine]

 Alix Boillot's installation, activated on several occasions by performer Julien Lacroix, evolves according to the space in which it is installed, here on the 3rd floor of the Fondation.

The blue patatoid shape inhabits space and time, and is present in all eras, at all stages of life: it colours and permeates the landscape and atmosphere it inhabits, porous to the bodies, smells and lights it encounters. The installation invents itself according to the space in which it is installed.

The blue is not the same when it takes over the dark room of a theatre, the white of a gallery, the baroque of a church, an underground car park, an empty swimming pool, a luxuriant forest, a sports ground, or any other atypical place of representation.

Here, twenty-one specimens occupy the third floor of the Fondation, and welcome Julien Lacroix, accomplice and humble witness to their existence. Blue becomes a potential comrade, a bacterium, a papaya, a missile, an archipelago, a guitar, a meteorite and so on. It is also possible to see only abstract blue forms.