El Conde de Torrefiel Ultraficción nr. 1

[Opening program]

Party-going youngsters, airplane passengers heading for a crash-landing, migrants on board a makeshift vessel… Ultraficciónis made up of interlinking narratives which, not in their content but rather in the way they are delivered to us, question the very principle of the act of theatre. 

The Ultraficción project, divided into four parts by El Conde de Torrefiel, with its two ever-inventive founders Pablo Gisbert and Tanya Beyeler, is destined – as at first sight its title seems not to indicate – to dissect the stage the different categories of the real. In Ultraficción nr.1, the audience finds itself seated, at dusk, in a natural setting presided over by a giant screen which serves as the stage. As time passes by and the night creeps in, the different frontiers little by little disappear. As the shadows gradually engulf the visual environment, the sounds of the fiction invade the natural environment, the reality of which gives way to a disturbing phantasmagoria. On land, sea, or in the air, the stories come into contact with each other in this space in which all notion of distance seems to have been abolished. Presented as a visual, sound-based and poetic study, Ultraficciónnr.1 lays down the first milestone in a work in progress the culmination of which is the piece Una imagen interior, devised in 2022. Discovering, a posteriori, one of the phases of this creative process, the audience plunges headlong into an experimental process developed by El Conde de Torrefiel.