Fanny de Chaillé Une autre histoire du théâtre


The artist Fanny de Chaillé turns the stage into a place in which ideas circulate, and where bodies become the vehicle for thought. In the company of a troupe of young actors, she dissects theatre and its history. In doing so, she investigates the power of acting itself, and its roots in the here and now of onstage performance.  

Theatre has, for decades, been reinventing itself at the crossroads between the visual arts, dance, and music, and it is these radical changes and mutations that Fanny de Chaillé recounts in Une autre histoire du théâtre. Put differently, the piece deals with how the advent of transdisciplinarity has revolutionized theatre, the way we view it, and how it has enabled new forms to find their place. In order to this, she brings to the stage four young performers that she worked with during her previous creation, Le Choeur. Together, they perform major scenes from the classic works, and examine their models, or references, in order to play around with the frontiers between fiction and reality, thereby putting acting and theatrical illusion on display. Aimed at younger audiences, the piece summons up the practice of the actor or actress and its fundamental place in the history of theatre. At the heart of all theatrical creation lies the following central question: what are the deep-down reasons for wanting to become an actor or actress? Thanks to their movements and energy, these four actors and actresses embrace the whole history of theatre, and share it with us.