Échelle Humaine
Ivan Cheng Clarities

[Échelle Humaine]

In a performance developed for the context of Échelle Humaine, Ivan Cheng presents a series of filmed monologues which intervene and reflect upon the technology and platforms.

Clarity. ‘Editing for clarity’ relates to an imagined audience. ‘Clarities’ suggests a desired multiple audience, or brings attention to how, for whom, and by whom editing is done. 

Pub auras, tournaments, television scale plots, faster food, holograms, class consciousness, intergenerational transmission and its wobbling movement on the retinas. 

With the support of Lafayette Anticipations - Fondation Galeries Lafayette and Édouard Montassut.

Clarities' performances at the Fondation are filmed: the filming of the audience is an integral part of the artist's performance. We invite those who do not wish to be filmed to make themselves known to the Lafayette Anticipations reception teams.