Échelle Humaine
Luara Raio Apocalypso

[Échelle Humaine]

Apocalypso is a duet conceived and directed by Luara Raio, performed and co-created with Brazilian dancer and choreographer Acauã El Bandide Sereia.

Apocalypso attempts to tear away the veils covering the invisible mechanisms of world colonisation, in order to destroy them. This destructive wave is rooted in a sensitive intersection activated by the body, as a cartography of a hybrid place where performance, spirituality and fiction blur their boundaries. Apocalypso invokes the opacity of certain "undergroud" images, masked by a racist, colonial and cis-heteronormed vision of the world. Through the performance of their two racialised and queer bodies, guided by ancestral and animist invocations, the duo remind us that "we are crossroads" and that we need to be together and share our stories.

Please note the use of stroboscopic effects during the show.