Nadia Beugré Prophétique (on est déjà né.es)


Divas at night, hairdressers during the day, at times clandestine but always supportive of each other, the everyday life of a transgender woman in Abidjan is like being in a boxing-ring. In Prophétique (on est déjà né.es), Nadia Beugré listens to what they have to say in a society which pretends not to see them.

Nadia Beugré takes a deep interest in the marginalized sections of society, the “stranded” or “dreamers” as she likes to call them. Marking a return to her native city, the choreographer made contact with members of Abidjan’s transfeminine community. Society refers to them as "mad-women" and would prefer not to see them. But in the Yopougon neighbourhood, everybody knows them. They are the queens of the night of the Ivorian city, weavers of hair in the salons, at times clandestine but always supportive of each other. As individuals who are invisible, the space they take up is "crazy", the choreographer reminds us. After sharing in their everyday lives she watched their presence set nightclubs on fire, drawing upon voguing and coupé-décalé as their sources of energy. In a non-attributed space, in perpetual transition, six performers, professional or not, from Abidjan and Europe, become the spokespersons for their combats and the bodies of their dances. They tell the story of these prophetic existences which, stemming from the peripheries, forge other centres.