Échelle Humaine
Taos Bertrand Carte blanche à l'atelier de Taos Bertrand


[Échelle Humaine]

Choreographer Taos Bertrand is leading a workshop with students from the Beaux-Arts de Paris on the figure of the mermaid. After five days' work, the students present the results of their session to the festival public.

"sassy is a performance workshop looking at the marvellous creature of the mermaid, the infernal double of the celestial Muses, present in both popular and academic culture. From Homer and Andersen to Walt Disney, Square Enix, Michel Foucault, Franz Kafka, Maurice Blanchot, Shygirl and Edgar Allan Poe, and from Ovid's "doctae Sirenes" to mythical tales of fluidity, otherness, the monstrous, trickery and death. They are called Ondine, Ariel, Leucosia, Aglaope or Lygia and are often associated with a disastrous fate, metamorphosing into stone or a stream. Orpheus and Ulysses plunge them into silence. sassy is an invitation to read, interpret and rewrite, over the five days of the workshop, the endings that history has given to this chimerical and transhistorical figure. Through the body of each participant, we will compose other translations where notions of club culture, performance and mythological narrative can switch. To give them a new voice, mutations, strength, song and stridency. Under the sign of excess, rebirth and desire."

Taos Bertrand