Jörg Widmann / Toshio Hosokawa / Olivier Messiaen Jörg Widmann/Toshio Hosokawa/
Olivier Messiaen

Momo Kodama/jörg Widmann/
Carolin Widmann/Christian Poltera

[Music] The music of Toshio Hosokawa is poetic and evocative, yet always expressed with great restraint. Stunden-Blumen subtly combines western influence with Japanese traditions in music, poetry and theater.
With the same instrumentation as Messiaen’s masterpiece, Quartet for the End of Time, which inspired the work, Hosokawa conjures up “nostalgic echoes” of western music.Jörg Widmann, both composer and instrumentalist, returns to the festival d’Automne with a series of Duos pour violin and cello.