Guy Maddin Guy Maddin

Des trous dans la tête !


Born in 1957 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Guy Maddin studied economics before turning to cinema. A master of low-budget filmmaking, he directed nine feature films and numerous shorts, exploring notions of loss, madness, repression and sexual deviance. His films are often set in dream-like, Gothic settings, in an undefined past. They have received praise from Martin Scorsese, Tom Waits and David Cronenberg.
Brand Upon The Brain! is the theatrical version of Guy Maddin’s film starring Isabella Rossellini as the narrator and an instrumental ensemble of 16 musicians. First staged in Berlin and New York, the story Guy Maddin tells is a fantasized vision of his youth: that of a young boy raised with his sister and a group of orphans on a mysterious island, by an authoritarian mother and distant father.